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    What Our Clients Say

    I've had ongoing back and knee problems for years since my first pregnancy with pinched nerve at the hip, swollen knees, lower back pain from two c-sections, daily lifting during childcare of 2 kids ( now 2 and 4yo) as well as lifting at work. I've been miserable and been seeking help from chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and physical therapy throughout the years. They all seemed to help for a short period of time but pain kept coming back. I was so out of shape because any exercises I did I ended up having more pain and I was beyond depressed.

    Until recently I got injured at work and was referred to Dr. James Lu for Physical Therapy and words cannot describe how grateful I am!! He is my savior !!

    Not only he is one of the most knowledgeable and personable PT Dr. I've ever met, he is also very effective in analyzing and treating my long list of problems!! He is caring, skilled, and genuinely interested in healing. His treatment combined acupuncture (with almost immediate pain relief) and PT which consist of lots of conditioning exercises he prescribed. After several sessions I started to feel better and stronger. I started going back to the gym and losing the baby weight I've carried for years. And the moment I ran across the park with my kids without any pain I was in tears!

    I've never spoken so highly of any PT in my life (and trust me I've seen plenty ) but Dr. Lu is the BEST PT and Acupuncturist I've ever encountered. His scalp acupuncture had also helped me with sinus headache and my husband's injury from playing basketball within just a couple of sessions.

    5 stars does not justify the care he provides to his clients. Highly recommended !!!

    Kawaii W.

    San Jose, CA

    I came here after a few months of a shoulder injury which wouldn't heal and was getting progressively worse. Dr. James Lu turned out to be the ideal combination of physical therapist and acupuncturist, with a great background in sports injuries.  He was able to diagnose the issue...a pinched nerve...and offer simple exercises to strengthen the infrastructure and bring me back into alignment.  The pain is much much better and I feel definitely on the road to healing after just two sessions, then a month of continued practicing of the exercises prescribed.

    Jay S.

    Saratoga, CA

    Doretha Norville

    I came to Zhu's acupuncture, in a great deal of back, leg and hip pain, having never experienced acupuncture treatment before.  I have had wonderful success!! The pain relief and excellent physical therapy care provided by Dr. James Lu, who is also a doctor of acupuncture is impressive. As a health care professional myself, I cannot say enough good things about the high quality of care, the responsiveness and kindness of all of the staff there.  You will be well taken care.  They are a very knowledgeable group of health care practitioners.

    Carolyn G.

    Review from Zhu's Neuro-Acupuncture Center

    I had 6 months of physical therapy treatment with Dr James Lu for my frozen shoulder. My orthopedist told me it could take up to a year of physical therapy for me to recover. I am glad I did my physical therapy treatment here because Dr Lu is a very experienced physical therapist, and the clinic has a lot of physical therapy equipment that I am able to use. And of course they have one thing that most other physical therapists do not have - needles. The acupuncture effectively helped to augment my physical therapy treatment. I am now about 90% recovered, but recently lost my insurance coverage so I have to recover the remainder on my own. Thanks to my sessions with Dr Lu I know what I need to do to continue my progress on my own.

    Zheng-Da Tan

    I have worked with many acupuncture doctors, and I found James Lu to be the best when it came to treating pain in my shoulder with needles and understanding of joint function.

    Grace Jill S.

    I have been a coworker and patient of Dr James Lu for the past 2 1/2 years. I have had acupuncture for migrianes on serveral occasions and it worked better than any medicine I have tried. He is great at what he does and would highly recommend.

    Julie Lindberg Sutton

    I saw Dr. Lu in Houston and was sorry to see him go. Houston’s loss is definitely San Jose’s gain – I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone considering acupuncture. Dr. Lu is not only very knowledgeable and proficient in acupuncture and Chinese medicine but caring. He’ll spend time with you and not forget you when you walk out the door. I started seeing him in 2014 and came with a laundry list of issues. I hoped for improvement in a few of them – the outcome greatly exceeded my expectations with striking results for almost everything on my list. After one treatment I thought I had found the fountain of youth – I had so much energy it was amazing. Over the course of treatment I also had great improvement with many other things, especially balance. It almost seemed to good to be true.I think my husband was tired of hearing me say that I couldn’t believe how good I felt. I can’t recommend Dr. Lu’s acupuncture highly enough.

    Lisa Gall

    Houston, TX

    I have been a patient of Dr. James Lu during the past four years and have had the privilege of benefitting in a variety of ways from his extensive understanding of physical therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Modalities have included traditional acupuncture, scalp acupuncture, cupping and physical therapy. Dr. Lu's excellent communication skill afforded me a clear understanding of all goals and plans of treatment. He is highly motivated to achieve the best possible outcomes for his patients and consistently conducts himself with an exceptional level of integrity. I have recommended Dr. Lu to my patients, friends and family and wish him the best in his new endeavor.

    Toni Turner

    Speech Language Pathologist

    Upon meeting Dr. James Lu, my mother and I were very scared of the outcome. My mother suffered a stroke in December 2013 and had stayed in hospital for 32 days to recover. Then we met Dr. Lu and his team at Bayshore Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Everyone has been so caring and thoughtful of my mom. Acupuncture was mentioned and offered as another form of help and recovery from Dr. Lu. My mother has alone the treatments and recovery is still taking place. However, I know that my mother and myself would not be this far in the journey without the help and encouragement of all of these wonderful people at this facility. I will never be able thank you enough.

    Crystal W.

    Pasadena, TX

    I am 75 years old and just had an open heart surgery. Felt no pain soon after the acupuncture treatment. I would definitely recommend Dr. James Lu and acupuncture. Thank you

    Joe E.

    Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for your help, encouragement and compassion during my months of therapy.

    You were patient when I said I couldn’t do it and were always ready to try another way. I know there were days when tears were shed at each step and you were always able to reassure me.

    You are a special person and it has been a pleasure to know you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

    Faye Heintschel

    Dear Mr. Lu; Please allow me to offer this testimonial.

    I came to you with multiple pain symptoms in the back and shoulder. My Chiropractor and internal medicine doctor were unable to address these issues. You were able to peel away the onion of symptoms and address each one sequentially. The others were unable to see the big picture. Your use of acupuncture and physical therapy to relieve my muscular and skeletal symptoms were very effective.

    More importantly, I learned the origin of the symptoms and developed a physical fitness regime that will insure they do not return.

    Clearly you have a very unique approach and are gifted with your talent. Please accept my thanks and my best regards for the continued growth of your practice.

    Bill Turner

    Nina R.

    I was having a hard time with my hand due to carpal tunnel syndrome. I had frequent numbness and pain shooting up my fingers and thumb and started having a hard time functioning at work. The hand surgeon told me that I need to have the Brown procedure and 6 weeks of therapy following it. I turn to Dr. James Lu as a last resort before going through with surgery to correct the problem. I was shocked when after about 3 treatments I noticed reduced pain and tingling to my fingers and after about 6 treatments my pain drastically reduced in my thumb. I was able to continue working and avoided a costly surgery. I am very pleased with my result and would definitely recommend Dr. Lu in the future.

    Candace W.

    Life changer. My father had a stroke, and Dr. Lu had him walking within days! We continued post ICU with intensive and frequent visits to his office and wonderful team!

    Eric Chin

    Dr James C Lu continues to impress me with his positive bedside manners, professionalism, and utmost care. It's also a major bonus that he is funny and patient too!

    I see a bright future for my friend who suffered from a left side hemorrhagic stroke. 🙂 3rd appointment strong!

    Angel N.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Lu (James) for the past 2 years when he was located in Houston.  He is the Best!!  I went to him for help with some really bad balance issues relating to an Acoustic Neuroma resection.  James helped me with this through Acupuncture and Vestibular Therapy.  He genuinely cares about his patients.  He takes his time and truly listens to his patient's needs and concerns.  I am so sad to see him leave, but San Jose is very lucky to have him!!

    Susie G.

    League City, Texas

    I had a stroke in February, 2018, and I was left with left side facial problem. Dr. James Lu was the doctor who treated me. Everybody at the center is really friendly and they do their best to make you comfortable. But Dr. Lu was something else, he is very knowledgeable, trustworthy and an excellent communicator. He was always explaining to me what he will do and what to expect. His wonderful attitude and sense of humor made the visits more tolerable

    I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Lu in particular and to the whole team in general.

    Adel Elshimi

    I am now 47 years old and live in India. Most probably I have spino-cerebellar ataxia. If I do a genetic test, I would know for sure what exactly I have. But it will not help with any cure. My neurologist mentioned that allopathy has no cure for the condition.

    I went thru cancer treatment 3 years ago. The treatment made me extremely tired and I was encouraged to sleep more than to exercise and build up my stamina. The more I slept, the more my abilities to walk and day-to- day life degenerated very rapidly.

    With the realization of what I have now and with the clarity of hind-sight, a lot of things are more evident now. The initial symptoms of imbalance / voice-slurring started 10 years ago and has been degenerating. For the longest time, I thought all my symptoms were side-effects of the various fertility treatments I was undergoing. And then cancer happened. 3 yrs after, my stamina and muscle co-ordination were extremely low. On top of it, I developed lymphedema on my left arm - treating it took upto 3hrs every day. I would sleep and wake up without feeling rested. Naps were not helpful. I could not stand in one place without support for more than a minute or two. My walking was limited to holding walls to go from one room to the other. The number of times I fell were countless. My exposure to the external world was slowly becoming lesser and lesser because I did not like being dependent and did not want to see the pity on people's faces for me.

    In the beginning of this year, I started seeing Dr.Lu. We got on a plan where I would spend 1.5hrs everyday in the clinic, 6 days a week. It took close to 3 weeks for my stamina to improve and I could start seeing improvements gradually around that time. I initially used a walker and started walking in the park by myself. Initially I was not able to move much.

    But as my stamina and balance improved, I was able to do longer walks and sustain my energy. I got to a point where I could comfortably walk with a walker for 2 miles in 2 hours in a park. But I could not go back to India with a walker because the infrastructure for a disabled person with a walker is very hard to use there. Around this time, I also started on aqua-therapy and found that activity to be a great complement to what I was already doing with the team in Zhu's scalp acupuncture. My next goal was to be able to use a walking stick for my needs. This would be much easier to handle in India. Transitioning from a walker to a stick was extremely hard. But now I can proudly say that I can walk two miles in the park in two hours with a stick. In addition, I have made several achievements along the way - I can now walk inside houses without support of any kind, I can stand without support for half hour or so, I sleep only once in the night - no naps, I can step up/down minor steps with only my stick for support.

    I look back to just 3 months ago to now and how my life has improved for the better. More than the physical improvements I have seen in myself now, I am looking forward to a brighter future. The future is much more hopeful and full of promises. I am looking forward to further improvements. This has been possible only because of the entire team in Zhu's scalp acupuncture center. They have treated, guided and supported me every step of the way. Deanna planned my appointments with various doctors so that I can benefit from their various approaches. Long and Richie worked me through various physio sessions. Their personal involvement and expertise went a long way in giving me the skills and confidence to cope with my symptoms and improve on it. Dr. Lu, Dr. Moiyee and Dr.Harry have each provided me with their acupuncture expertise in treating my condition. My energy / balance / voice is so much improved now. Dr.Lu arranged for a lymphedema specialist to take a look at my left arm. They came to the clinic saving us significant effort. The result is that I spend less than 30 min for lymphedema per day. All the doctors went so much above and beyond my expectations. I cannot thank them enough.

    Jayashree Ramesh

    Review From Zhu's Neuro-Acupuncture Center

    My dad had a significant stroke in January 2016 and I used Dr Lu's clinic to help him get back on his feet, walking and talking again. They are so much better than than a standard medical professionals where they don't combine PT with the head accupuncture. We believe the use of this combination was the key to success of my father's nearly full recovery 4 months and 10 visits after getting out of the hospital. They are very good about caring for their patients. If you have a similar situation, I highly recommend using Dr Lu and his team to get faster results as soon as you can. Their techniques work!

    Waymond Ho